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02 -May -2019




As 2019 climbing season in Everest nears to an end, climbers this time of the year encountered over crowding on Mt. Everest. The death toll for the 2019 climbing season in Everest counts to 11, according to government tallies. It has been noted as one of the worst seasons on record. Many made it to the summit but few perished trying to accomplish their dream to conquer Everest. The main reason of death which occurred at the Hilary step " The death zone" was due to traffic jam of climbers. In the death zone, climbers' brains and lungs are starved for oxygen, their risk of heart attack and stroke is increased, and their judgment quickly becomes impaired,and they can experience heart attacks, strokes, or severe altitude sickness.In the recent Everest Spring 2019 climb, the queues to reach Everest's summit have been so long that climbers in the Death Zone died of exhaustion waiting in line for their turn to climb.

 Expedition organizers say the number of Everest hopefuls from the Nepal side has increased in recent years after China set a limit on climbers from the Tibetan side.

Overcrowding is not only the factor for numerous deaths on Mount Everest

Effect of unusual spring weather in Nepal: The spring weather is also indicator that agriculture harvest would be good. Agriculture harvest play critical role in growth’s prospective. At this time the country is under the spell of early monsoon rain; very much unlike dry, sunny and windy spring weather in the past. In the mountain there is fresh snow and rest of the region has rain almost daily for couple of hours. Though day time is hot but there are short and heavy rain pour at some point during the day.  Obviously, the effect of climate change has changed the weather pattern: Autumn season is pushed beyond December and winter season has encroached spring weather pattern. 

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Makalu Base Camp: Trek, Permits, Difficulty & More

Makalu, the fifth tallest mountain in the world at 8,485 meters attracts avid adventurers from around the world, and it's base camp has proved to be the equally favored destination of trekkers.Located in the southeast of Mount Everest, Makalu homes two other notable subsidiary peaks Makalu at 7,678 meters and Chomo Lonzo at 7,804 meters. Read More>>

How Long Does it take to Climb Mount Everest?

Being the tallest mountain in the world, Everest is the center of attraction for people around the world. Its magnificent height at 8,848 meters above sea level is really a matter of fascination. Yearly hundreds of tourists make their way towards the challenging route of Everest, taking all the risk just to have that one moment of pride standing atop the most majestic peak in the world. Read More>>

Kodari (Nepal -China) Border Re-Opening Soon in June 2019

Kodari border also known as Tatopani border that connects Nepal and China is going to resume it's operation from June 2019. This boarder was completely damaged and closed, and all border activities including vehicular and immigration movements were stopped when the earthquake badly hit the country in April 2015. Read More>>

Manaslu Circuit Trek: Itinerary, Difficulty, Attractions & More

Manaslu Trek, the journey is in the off-the-beaten-path trail, which is far more serene and remote. Manaslu Circuit trek comprises magnificent natural beauty of the lush green forest, streaming rivers, and diverse floral region Read More>> 

Best Off-The-Beaten-Path Treks in Nepal

Although you may have known the modern and crowded side of Nepal flavored with historical and ancient taste; Nepal is all about the rural beauty comprising remote and raw paths. Off-the-beaten paths are somewhat the same that takes you along the tranquil and less crowded trails. You have heard of the popular ones and perhaps embarked on one too, but off-the-beaten paths are the one where you will be surprised more. Read More>>


               Two Amazing Village to visit before it is to late


                                           Upper Mustang and Nar Phu Village

Lo Manthang in Upper Mustang and Nar Phu villages in the north east corner of Manang are two villages that has special features that enthusiastic travelers love to visit in their life time. Both villages were very much secluded until the end of last century. These areas still remained controlled for foreign visitors. To enter Mustang the permit cost US$500 for 10 days and US$75  for Nar Phu. And you got to be in a group of minimum 2 persons. 

Unlike earlier days now the access is much easier due to road that has reached almost closed to these destinations. The road to Lo Manthang is actually not a road. It is virtually carved out of the flat land of the plateau in the north. Every year in the beginning of summer local people make motorable path by shuffling stones and big boulders of the river bed through the narrow gully in the lower section. 

The road from Pokhara to Beni that is stretched through Kaligandaki valley is in operating condition throughout the year except in monsoon season the flood may disrupt part of the road. The road goes all the way to Muktinath and beyond Kagbeni towards Lo Manthang. There is no road to Nar and Phu valley but the main road through Marsyangdi river valley has reached Manang. These are fair weather road. In winter it is not feasible and in summer (during monsoon rain) there is no guarantee if the road remains in operating condition. 

In upper Mustang the jeep and truck can still ply through rough condition. It is indeed an adventure to take ride in one of the jeeps or trucks that ply the roads. The road has opened the regions for easy access to basic need and trade. In due time as the road becomes better its effect will be seen in the transformation of the unique culture these two villages has so far maintained. Now the trek logistics, schedule and duration can be modified to suit trekker’s requirement to visit the fascinating land. Visit this charming land and villages now so you can say later that I did the trek then when it was different and interesting. These are the sentiment expressed by old time trekkers who had done Annapurna Circuit trek when there were no road and easy access.Y

Lo Manthang  - 14 days 

 Trek Start & End at Jomsom with flight from Pokhara     

 Trip Duration: 14 day all Inclusive trek package

 Trip Grade:  Moderate Maximum Elevation: 3950 meter at Nyi   La (pass)                                                          

 Trip Cost: from US$2230 per person 

 Highlight: It is one of the best destinations to see the culture and geographical landscape that are similar to Tibetan plateau.  You travel in high altitude regions without too much concern about high altitude sickness. The weather in summer and monsoon season is perfect in this once forbidden kingdom. We travel on foot to Lo Manthang (3730m), capital of Mustang and return back to Jomsom (2750m) using diversion trail. The trail is not so tough. A good leg is just enough! You would enjoy the adventure in an instant that took Giuseppe Tucci, Michael Peissel and Tony Hagen not less than 3 weeks to travel to this old magic kingdom.  

Nar & Phu Village in Manang - 18 days

Trek Start at Syanje & End at Jomsom with flight to Pokhara

Trip Duration: 18 day all inclusive trek package

Trip Grade: Strenuous Maximum Elevation: 5335 meter at Thorang La (pass)

Trip Cost: From US$2380 per person

Nar ((4110m) and Phu (4080m)villages is located off the Around Annapurna main trekking trial en-route to Manang (3540m). It is surrounded by Peri Himalaya to the north, Gangla and Gangru Himal to the east and Damodar Himal to the west. The villages are situated at the altitude of 3820meter.  Being nestled inside the valley it is less windy but the lands are dry. Perhaps late Prof. David Snellgrove, a renowned Tibetologist, is the first westerner to have visited these villages in his Himalayan Pilgrimage. Their spoken dialect is different from Manang and Tibet. Most of the houses are two-story with the entrance from the top. There are three Buddhist monasteries. Phu is located at the upper end of the valley. As in high mountain area people of the Nar and Phu descends to warm region from December to February. 

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Annapurna Circuit 16 days

This is significantly one of the best trekking destination in the world. The awe-inspiring mountains, crossing one of the highest pass in the world Thorong la (5416m) , the beauty of nature will leave you spellbound.   

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Sacred Festival in August 

Janai Purnima, an annual Shamanic-Hindu full moon festival, is taking place on August 26th. To get there, you'll need to trek to the holy lake of Gosainkunda in Langtang, together with pilgrims who go there to bathe.

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The Royal Trek

Popularly known as Royal Trek because Prince Charles did his first trek in Nepal in this area. This 4 days camping trek in the Annapurna foothills includes stunning mountain views, less-crowded routes, and sherpas.

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Mysterious Tsum Valley   

This Mysterious valley is now becoming more popular to trekkers.  View of Ganesh Himal, gompas, artistic chortens lined with mani walls makes it very unique . You will see Tibetan nomads, cave gompas , and classic scenery of the lower Tibetan plateau 

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