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A trip to Nepal is always a memorable holiday. Trip to Nepal is incomplete without some days in Kathmandu. It has been the center for culture and the arts. Present condition of the roads in Kathmandu valley is not suitable. But the charm of the cities still hold spell. It can make visitors to come again and again to see various aspects of the many monuments. Though the old charm is not there, but the essence and flavors of the life in Kathmandu and its habitant have not changed. Beside the guided tours for those who have limited time in Kathmandu, it is best when you are on your own. The places are easy to navigate. Beside Kathmandu there is Patan; well known as Lalitpur. It is across the Bagmati river. This city is famous for its art and craft. It is famous for wood carving, statue making and Thanka painting. The artists uses traditional method handed down from past generations. It is very interesting to watch and experience their work in progress. The other well visited city is Bhaktapur. It has famous temples and wood crafted traditional houses; they are beautiful. Now you can see artisans working to rebuild the damaged and destroyed building. You can watch Austrian and UNESCO experts working hand in hand with local craft men. They are restoring damaged pieces one by one. As you go around these places you will realize Kathmandu valley is in fact is an open and living museum. 

Take an excursion to Kritipur, Bungamati, Panauti, Nagarkot, Dakshinkali, Dhulikhel, Kakani and Sankhu. These are interesting places located in the outskirt of the valley. It provides perfect escape from the crowd and noise of the cities. The relax atmosphere, crisp cool wind and the views are soothing. The traditional culture and festivals of the local people are worth watching. But you got to known when the events happens. Some of these places has clean, comfortable and luxury accommodations. Most has approach roads. Or, you can take short hike if you are on the rim of Kathmandu valley. From the rim and at the edge of the valley the panoramic view of the entire Himalayan range is fantastic. 

The other reason to put Kathmandu in your 'To Visit List' is because all the best treks starts from Kathmandu. Any extra days you have is always good to hang around and visit many of these fascinating places. Ask us how to do it. We don't sell holidays. We organize it for you to experience events and places that give a memorable holiday. 

Our expert team in the office can help you tailor made program that suits you and your clients. Their work experience of 20 years in making such arrangement would be helpful to fit in best tours in the limited time. Our guided tours are accompanied by professional and licensed guide. Language is no problem. They speak many languages including Chinese. We provide transport in a comfortable vehicle with experienced driver though they don’t speak much English. But now language is not so much a barrier to visit places you like. We provide flexibility in the schedule so you and your clients can enjoy. 

Once you book with us all arrangements are ready. All you need is to wait and enjoy. With us you can travel in ease and in full confidence that you are in reliable hand. All trips can be organized in the budget you are comfortable with.  

We have selected some of the best tours and excursion trips to show case what you can do. This is based on our past experience and suggestions made by our clients. They are rated very high by our past clients. To sample more trips log on to our web sites and For us safety and viable logistics are our main concern. We have been organizing these trips every year since 1990 with many variations. The only constraint is weather and flight condition. The suggested trips can be adapted to your requirement. 

                                                                         Nepal Best and Popular Tours in 2018               

US$ 835 per person

Kathmandu, Chitwan & Pokhara- 9 Days


Cost from US$ 835 (small group) per person 

All inclusive full board 2 night / 3 days jungle safari in Chitwan and, 2 nights in the lake city of Pokhara and  3 nights in Kathmandu on bed and breakfast.  Tour includes sightseeing tour in Pokhara and Kathmandu with tour  guide. Sightseeing includes famous cultural heritage sites in Kathmandu and popular places in Pokhara. Ground transport is included.

Chitwan National Parka used to be Royal Hunting Reserve for hiking ranking visitors in the past. The rugged Churia hills, sal forests, grassland and reverine forest, swampas and lakes provides excellent habitat for Royal Bengal tiger and great one horned rhinoceros.  Occasional advent of wild elephants, 309 species of birds and rare species of crocodiles attracts majority of visitors who loves wildlife. A day white water rafting trip and trek in the foot hill of Annapurna adds complete adventure. The package includes community work in village and schools. It gives exciting experience to learn about local community, their culture and their eagerness for development. Pokhara is situated in the shadow of picturesque Machhapuchare peak and Annapurna Himalaya. 

Note:  hotel upgrade and domestic airfare and single supplement are at additional cost Safari & Pokhara  

US$655 per person

Kathmandu Heritage Site -9 Days


Cost from US$655 per person (small group) 

All inclusive private tour on bed and breakfast, sightseeing entrance fees, tour guide, airport transfers and ground transport as required.

This is three full day tours in the core centers of three cities in Kathmandu valley accompanied by expert tour guide. It focuses on the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. Nepalese culture, life style and art and architecture dates back to centuries. You will find Kathmandu valley an open museum. So, beside regular sightseeing tours of temples and Gods this tour allow you to understand and feel more about the culture and tradition of the people. The tour visit Kritipur, Bungamati and Khokana to see live culture and tradition of the people. These places are less frequently visited by tourists. A side visit to Nagarkot and Pokhara would be an enjoyable experience. 

Note:  hotel upgrade and domestic airfare and single supplement are at additional cost

US$465 per person

Kathmandu Valley Extended Tour - 6 days


Cost from US$465 per person

All inclusive private tour on bed and breakfast, sightseeing entrance fees, tour guide, airport transfers and ground transport as required.

The extended tour of Kathmandu covers all the important sightseeing place listed in the heritage sites of UNESCO. Plus sunrise over the Himalaya and Mt. Everest from Nagarkot, excursion to Dakshinkali to see animal sacrifice and must see places of Nala Panauti and Namobuddha situated on the rim of Kathmandu valley. This is a complete tour of Kathmandu where you will find God and Goddess wherever you go.    

Note:  hotel upgrade and single supplement are at additional cost

US$240 per person

Kathmandu Stop Over - 3 days


Cost from US$240 per person 

All inclusive private tour on bed and breakfast, sightseeing entrance fees, tour guide, airport transfers and ground transport as required.

Kathmandu valley has all the important sightseeing place listed in the heritage sites of UNESCO. You walk through Asan bazar and Indra Chauk to Hanuman Dhoka that has Kathmandu Durbar Square. This will give you feel of Kathmandu. Next day visit famous Buddhist monastery at Swambhunath and Baudhanath and a holy Hindu temple of Pasupathinath. Visit Patan. It is a well known city of art and craft. Walk around Patan Durbar Square and various monuments in the vicinity. Depending upon your time you may visit Bhaktapur. This city is full of medieval arts, architecture, fine wood carving, sculptures and pottery. The Durbar Square and Nyatapola temple are dominant feature of Bhaktapur.

Note:  hotel upgrade and single supplement are at additional cost 

You may also like something hard and adventurous 
Trip in 2018


US$ 3130 per person

Classic Kanchanjunga Base Camp Trek – 20 days budget trek


Strenuous trek. Maximum elevation -  4890 meter

Cost US$2595 Departure Every: Thursday 

Private (small group) from US$1546 per person 

All inclusive full board  camping trek with ground transport

Kanchanjunga (8600m) is the most prominent peak in Eastern Nepal. You can see its panorama from anywhere. The sanctuary of this mountain range has rare animal like snow leopard and many species of birds. Travel to the base camp is an epic journey to the sparsely visited region where you find thriving Limbu culture in the middle hills and, Sherpa and Bhutia in the upper highland. The long trek to this raw mountain region is very different from rest of Nepal. Take the off the beaten path to enjoy pristine nature through the rolling hills and valley. Ultimate destination is the base camp of Kanchanjunga. The best way to travel is camping.

    Fixed Departure -  Classic Kanghanjunga Base Camp Trek


US$2105 per person

Lower Dolpo Trek – 25 days trek 


Strenuous trek. Maximum elevation -  5190 meter

Cost from US$2995 for 25 days tour

All inclusive camping trek on full board,  ground transpor, domestic airfare, permit and park fees.Includes  6 nights hotel accommoation  in Kathmandu and Nepaljung on bed and breakfast

The area above Do Tarap valley is virtually isolated region. This area is isolated by high  mountains all around. Most of the time you are travelling at 5000 meter elevation. It is desolate and dry land but with unique custom, physical feature and landscape similar to Tibet except you are very close to the high Himalayan range. The extreme land provides Spectacular mountain views, unspoilt culture of Bhotia people, who practice Bonpo - an ancient religion. They carry on with their nomadic tradition. The movie ‘Caravan’ was shot in the same setting. See the movie to feel what it is like.  

Special Departure - Lover Dolpo Trek 


US$965 per person

Classic Annapurna Trek - 17 days


Moerately Strenuous trek / Maximum elevation -  5335 meter

US$965 per person / Departure: Every Monday

Private (small group( from US$670 per person 

Lodge to lodge trek on bed and breakfast. Ground transport is included.

Rated as one of the most popular and best long trek in the world.Low mountain and tropical vegetation gradually disappear as the trial approaches the last village at Manang. Cross 5335 meter Thorang pass and traverse to Muktinath (3798m).  It is the most difficult and arduous part of the whole trek. The view of the entire Annapurna range throughout the trek is very magnificent.

Don’t miss to do this trek at this price.

 Fixed Departure-  Classic Annapurna Trek 

Plan your Trip to Mt.Kailash , Tibet & Bhutan in 2018 


Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek - 14 days 

Cost From US$3010 per person

14 days full board all inclusive lodge trek


Annapurna Base Camp - 14 days  

Cost From US$790 per person - 14 days lodge BB trek. Airfare and permits are additional. 


Everest Base Camp - Classic Trek - 12 days 

 Cost From US$620 per person - 12 days lodge BB trek. Airfare and permits are additional.


Langtang Trek -12 days 

Cost From US$525 per person - 8 days full borad all inclusive lodge trek plus 4 night BB in Kathmandu


Mustang with Tiji Festival - 17 days (Event coming soon May 12-14)

Cost From US$1770 per person - 12 days full board lodge trek all inclusive plus 4night BB Kathmandu and 1 night BB in Pokhara. Book now to avoid dissapointment 


Manaslu Trek - 21 days  

Cost From US$1300 per person - 17 days full boad all inclusive lodge trek plus 4 night BB in Kathmandu  

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